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Stuffed Pepper
Paleo Friendly




3/4 lb Organic Turkey Meat

1/2 Cup #SofritoPonce

1 1/2 Cup Marinara 

1/2 tbsp Garlic

1/2 tbsp Basel

Pinch Chopped White Onion

1 Jalapeñ0





  1. Wash and cut peppers in half and clean out the seeds.

  2. Brown veggies in a little olive oil (garlic, onion, basel and jalepño) on medium to low heat. Be careful to not burn.

  3. Then take 1 cup of #SofritoPonce and the 1lb organic ground turkey and mix together in a pan and brown the turkey on medium heat.

  4. Mix in browned veggies with the #SofritoPonce and the ground turkey. Shut off heat.

  5. Mix in Marinara sauce.

  6. Take the halved peppers and stuff them with mixture.

  7. Bake at 450 for 25 min



Buen Provecho!


Arroz Con Pollo
Rice and Chicken




3 lbs of chicken - cut in pieces

1/2 Cup #SofritoPonce

3 1/3 Cup of medium grain white rice

1/2 Cup Tomato Sauce

4 tsp of olive oil

2 oz. Cooking ham cut in small pieces 

3 tbsp of salt

1 tbsp of Spanish Olives

2 miced garlic cloves

4 1/2 Cup of water

2 cubes of chicken bullion




  1. Wash chicken w/vinegar or lemon juice if you prefer. Season Chicken w/ 3 tbsp of salt.

  2. Heat oil in a large sauce pan at medium heat. Add ham and cook for 2-3 minutes at medium heat.

  3. Add #SofritoPonce , garlic, spanish olives, tomatoe sauce and sauté ingredients for 3 minutes.

  4. Add Chicken and suaté until browned.

  5. Add 4 1/2 Cups of water and the chicken bullion mix and cover for 10min. 

  6. Add rice, mix and let it cook at medium high until the water begins to boil. At that point lower the heat to medium low, turn the rice with a fork to avoid it getting "mushy" cover and let it cook for 20 min.

  7. Turn the rice again and cover for 10 min. Serve when ready 



*NOTE: Sofrito Ponce can be used to add flavor to your meats, sauces, vegetables and more. 


Add one tablespoon of Sofrito Ponce with olive oil then add your recipe! 

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