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Our family has been serving yours since 1989.  Louis Rodriguez Senior left Ponce, Puerto Rico relocating in New Haven, CT in 1959.  However, a piece of Ponce has always stayed with him, which is reflected in his all natural Sofrito recipe.  An instant hit in the ethnic food market, Sofrito Ponce has become a cooking staple, used as a base in Spanish, Portugese and Latin American cooking.  Its base ingredients consist of the finest green pepper, cilantro, garlic, onion, spices and herbs. 


Our family prides itself in making the BEST Sofrito in the market using only 100% natural ingredients.  No preservatives, additives or food coloring is used in our product.  Sofrito Ponce stands out for its flavor and all natural ingredients.  You can find our product in the produce aisle of Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Shop Rite Supermarkets,          C-Town Supermarkets and Compare Supermerkets


For generations the Rodriguez family has prided itself on making the best Sofrito in the market using only 100% natural ingredients!


100% Natural/No Cholesterol

ABOUT Sofrito Ponce

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